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Portal ?Middle Ages Today? announces a CONTEST!


Middle Ages Today:
A portal ?Middle Ages Today? is available to anyone who is interested in historical reenactment of the Middle Ages in many different countries. We work all over the world and we are interested in life and work of reenactors and historians. Reenactment as a hobby, sport and art, and as a way of life is what we're interested in.
Historians and scientific sources can tell a lot concerning history. Our specialization is different. First of all, we are writing for people and about people. Our major topics are relationships in the global movement of historical reenactment, communication between reenactors, how to get certain help at the beginning, as well as psychology of inner-club relationships, and features of the movement in different countries.
The world is very different and full of colors, the same we can say about the movement of historical reenactment. We begin to see its national features only when we have an opportunity to compare.
We'll tell you about it and many other things, will help to navigate in the sea, called the global reenactment movement, recommend the most interesting events and so on.!/MiddleAgesToday

Middle Ages Today:
When the festivals pass everybody feels the need to take a photo for a long memory. We bet that the photo archives are stored on numerous disks! More importantly, the funny stories from festivals, spoofs and jokes are a whole page of life story which you?ll never forget. We offer you to share this treasure with the rest of the world.
The editorial staff of the ?Middle Ages Today? announces the contest on the best photo with funny cut line. The photo must be taken during any event from the world of historical reenactment. The photo can portray anyone or anything, but it must be made by you. The photos in co-authorship are also accepted.
The winner will be awarded with this beautiful sallet helmet. The same ones were used in Europe in 15th century. The helmet is made of steel 2mm thick. It will protect you in all battle activities. Wear it by yourself or present to a friend! Please, post your works right here


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