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Title: Sources for Romanian Impression
Post by: Antonescu on October 16, 2007, 04:56:43 pm
Well it has finally moved to the point that uniforms are now being produced. Some people have asked on where to get items for the impression so here are some links and where to find items.

Uniform, e-tool carrier (Austrian-Hungarian), puttee's (these aren't hard to find anywhere actually) (
uniform is $375 for size 46 and below
$405 for size 46 and above

gasmask bag, bayonet frog, 1st Aide Dressing (polish items and remove polish wording) (

post-war Swedish or Finnish boots  ( (

Helmets Dutch M28 or M34 Helmets
Ebay of course and there is one source known in Holland

For Breadbag, helmets (redone with repro liner and chinstrap), belt and buckle, y-straps contact Dragos Diaconu at  

Ammo pouches are the Czech or Romanian post-war ones. Might have a permanent source soon for these as well.