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Title: American Soldier at War Historic Timeline
Post by: Antonescu on March 21, 2010, 07:55:48 AM
The American Soldier at War Historic Timeline
Parsons, WV
September 24-26 2010

The first annual The American Soldier at War Historic Timeline ( will be held in Parsons, WV. Appalachia has served its country throughout history in all of its military conflicts. It is to honor these men and women who served that we invite you to visit this weekend.

The timeline will be taking place on historic Corricks Ford Battlefield which saw the first general on both sides fall during the Civil War. It is also with honor that the event will be asking for donations to preserve a piece of sacred ground the guaranteed the Union control of western Virginia.

Looking for units that represent the US and adversaries from the following time periods:
French and Indian War
American Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Mexican-American War
American Civil War
Spanish-American War
WWII (other Allies please contact also)
Korean War
The Vietnam Conflict

Please note that if your unit commits, it is important to ensure that you are there as (the site is 25 acres and on an original Civil War battlefield) each spot will be measured and numbered to make it easier to find appropriate locations. Posted link to the website which should be finished soon. For more information you may contact the event organizers at and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Asked to put this out and please pass it on to other time periods.


BTW There are nice sites to play in the area and some of the landowners will be attending to get a feel for reenacting and reenactors!