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Welcome to the Ancient Periods of Reenacting

What do we mean by Ancient Periods of Reenacting? Well... Romans, Greeks, Celts, Egyptians (okay, the Egyptians will be coming soon, we hope) -- you name it... if you feel the call of early and great civilizations, then this is the Time/Area for you. Reenacting does not consist of ONLY American Civil War -- historical reenacting is a varied and colourful hobby and you can find just about anything that interests you to reenact!

Yes, by all means look around and think of the ancient world: of Homer, of Caesar and Cleopatra... here is your chance to feel what it was like to live then.

To taste their food, to wear their clothes, in some cases to fight like they did -- did you know there's a full scale Roman fort in Arkansas?

And yes, a corresponding village of Celtic barbarians recruiting now to fight them using the needlefelt combat system.

Do you really want to just sit in the chair and watch the History Channel bloviate on "The history of ketchup" tonite? Really? Ice Road TruckersWWF?? Come on, time to jump up and get out there! When in Rome...

Roman reenacting is now becoming very popular, as is portraying the Celts, however, reenacting the ancient Greeks is still in its infancy -- if you're into Greece and that time period, here's a chance to get in on the ground floor.Does anyone reenact Egyptian? Don't know, if you dolet us know! You know, there's even some people reenacting the Bronze Age?! There's something for everybody in this hobby!


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Roman reenactors in Ostia

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LEGIO XIIII camp at Lafe AD43 event 2006!
camp at Lafe AD43 event.

LEGIO IX at Ft. Mac, 2004
LEGIO IX at Ft. Mac, 2004


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