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Best Battle Scenes

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Yeah, I know... it's Lord of the Rings -- so WHAT goober!? This scene is FRIGGING AWESOME! The charge of the Rohirrim at Helms Deep is IT!! Who wouldn't follow Theodin here? Don't say you wouldn't you liar... you'd mount up and follow him in an instant -- Duty, Honor, Valor!
What's your favourite battle scene?

On the same note, I have a love Cavalry charges.
Whoever put this to piano and chopped it should be shot, but I think this is one of the best scenes in movie history.


Thanks Marshal, I figured it out.

send me the link. As far as i know, you just put the page link in there instead of the imbed....

Aussies at Beersheba

Not military, but one of the best film "battles"

A little crusade horseplay

There are so many good battle movies out there... this is one of my fav battle scenes... :)


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