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How to Post Feedback - MUST READ


When leaving feedback, your subject line either needs to be:

"+1 for SovietAirborne"


"-1 for SovietAirborne"


+1 meaning that everything went through just fine. Even if there are some small bumps along the way, if both parties received money/product, you should give a positive.

-1 meaning if the transaction went south. If it took much effort to get you money or item, if either party received neither or if someone reneged on a deal, this is the rating you give.

The text can have something about your transaction. DO NOT RESPOND TO THE POST! THE POST WILL BE LOCKED AFTER THE SCORE IS GIVEN!

Of course, circumstances are different in all occasions so please be fair about what score you give. If you give a negative score, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IT WAS DESERVING!

Thank you!


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