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Okay, a friend of mine talked me into putting this together since I already have the rifle and helmet. Did some looking around and seems What Price Glory has the complete set for $460a and can add the winter set for another $198. Anyone out there able to give feedback on what else would be needed for the basic infantryman? What about the set WPG glory has, does it come with all that is needed to get started?

You're not allowed to do any m ore impressions. Didn't you read your kid handbook wher eit says that for each child, you must drop 1 time period/impression? Also, where will you store it as Harry's moving to NC... you need to just dump it all and do WWI German. You know that's where your destiny is.  (^)

Hey Rob,

It all really depends on what specific impression you want to do.  You'd need to add small and large packs, helmet, FS or GS cap with badge (depending on impression), anti-gas equipment, bayonet, rifle, entrenching equipment, mess equipment, and other random personal stuff.  WPG's package is a good start.  But as with all impressions, the devil is in the details.  If you want to be one of the few to do 1940 BEF, those details are particularly devilish.

Good luck!

Greetings. My 2 shillings ? Yes, WPG is the only start to basic British kit. His products are fine - everybody is buying them left & right. His service is unmatched event though the warehouse is in United Arab Emerites. Shipping is about a week as it was before. Some items still come from California. I have a several foot lockers and a closet full of WPG products.

As the gent before me said, it does depend on your specific impression. Depends on how you badge up, yes ? The different branches had diffierent issue in a lot of cases. And the different theaters of war your portrayal fits in. Obviously any bloke in Burma wore different kit as opposed to a fellow in the ETO.

Then there's the whole "commonwealth" thing. Doing Canadian, Australian, Indian, etc .... ? A bit of research will get you through Matey. I hope you do/did select something out of the "norm" as the "norm" is way overdone.

Cheers, Johnnie, 15 Scottish Div
1 Bn Middlesex MG Reg't,
2 Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,
15 Scottish Recce.

Hello all,
 I have been a reenactor for some time and have been wondering where are all the british WW2 reenactors have gone to.
I am in Texas and there was a large group of reenactors here who did the British Infantry/Airborne Impression.
However of late, it seems that the best anyone can do is field a small ragtag group of American A/B and a whole lotta German SS units, at any western front event.
Is the British WW2 soldier a dead deal or is there a spark of existance still out there? I.E. Events, shows etc..

Tom Bores
Sgt. Lincolnshire Regiment (Texas, Louisiana)
A concerned British Infantry Reenactor


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