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Ordered a uniform from WPG more then a week ago and called to find out what the delay was, as I needed said uniform for an event this weekend,  Jerry Lee answered and was extremely rude, I asked to get a status on the order and he told me he doesn't live in front of a computer, I told him I ordered this more then a week ago and paid for one week shipping and he then told me his power was bad in the warehouse.  What a jerk!  Never EVER deal with this man.  I told this to my unit commander and he said numerous orders have had the same problem.

I only ordered from them once, but I had no trouble and they responded fairly quickly to an Email question I had after the order arrived.

Well, I got screwed by Juan at WW2 impressions so I guess it's not just Jerry.  I've ordered through Jerry numerous times and have had no problem.  I don't understand why Juan NEVER gets a bad review and when he does it disappears as soon as it's posted. :O>@


Guys, don't worry, the WW2 Reenactor's Consumer Guide will be back up soon and under the r.Net umbrella. You will be able to post reviews of whatever you want.

I just received some stuff from them. I was generally happy with the service. The fabrics are pretty authentic. I'm especially happy with the wool summer dress slacks. Very nice, tho made in Pakistan. I will probably order from them again. It looks like At the Front also has some nice threads...anyone had luck with them?


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