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British WW2?


Hey all,
 I have been a member here for some time and have been active in reenacting for 30 years. Currently I have the resources to reenact 5 different time periods.
However, mostly I am interested in reenacting WW2 British Infantry, (PBI). I am the group leader for a small group of reenactors, who portray the Lincolnshire regiment.
I have noticed that the British Infantry soldier is and has been of late, grossly under represented in this period.
If there are any enthusiasts who may be out ther, please contact me here or at my email.
The British and Commonwealth soldier needs to be represented.
Lets hear from all you "Limmies" at heart.

Tom Bores 
Sgt. Lincolnshire Regt.

Greetings Tom, and best to the Lincs, I have been part of a couple newer units of different impressions since I got onto the period. The same old same old is rather a bore. Always glad to hear of another unit out there. What events do you fellows call max attendance events, ect ? What areas of the US do you frequent ? WW2 airshows, military timelines, tacticals, and so on ? Look into going to a Sons of Valor WW2 tactical event (, ?) down Camden SC someday. Good road network, large bivouac area, great German units to "fight", etc. I have been to 3 of the 7 events held and can't say enough about how great it is when tacticals are organized by reenactors for reenactors. There is a big British presence at Sons of Valor. Evolving nearby in Enfield NC are several tactical events held yearly with different themes, reenactors organizing events for reenactors again, I have yet to make one of these but the feedback is very good on these events. Maybe 3 have been held, just starting out, great site, large road network, bivouac area, etc. Heurtgen Forest event this fall.  

Cheerio, Johnnie, 15th Scottish Div,
2 Bn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,
1 Bn Middlesex MG Reg't.

I have heard from a couple of you and have been interested in looking at grouping up in a larger British and Common Wealth Organization. In this way, we could keep abreast of what events nationally or even locally are going on.
We could make it an Organization of all Units of the Crown and Common Wealth. More or less an active forum.
Need to know whats out there. If anyone is still doing WW2 Brit.
As I stated before, there are some of you still keeping the Faith.
However, WW2 Brit is definitely under represented at SW events, if at all.
Lets hear from you and maybe we can get a spark going, OOPs sorry Texas, and rekinddle the British interest in WW2.
Tom Bores
Sgt Lincolnshire Regiment


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