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New Dutch WW2 Unit Finally Online


For anybody in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. who is interested in Dutch military history, but can't make it out to the Netherlands to participate in their events, 5e Regiment Infanterie ("5RI") may be the unit for you!  Our focus is on the history of the Dutch military in the years leading up to and including the invasion of Holland in May 1940. 

We are open to welcoming either experienced reenactors or newbies.  However, the one thing that our members and recruits all share is a fascination with history, and a belief that no detail in appearance, kit, drill, or deportment is too small to attempt to recreate.

If you want to get a better idea of what we're all about, check out our brand new website at:


Peter, you should go to our add links page and add your unit to our WWII listings!


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