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What would make you go to an event even after heavy rain was coming ?


Free beer ? What would make you take all your kit, expensive or not, & travel out to an event when you knew for sure heavy rain was coming during the event ? How about one day of two was going to be wet ? What do ya'll do ?

Cheerio ! Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders 1812-1858.

I do WWI. (^) It doesn't matter to me, I have a Zeltbahn. It's only water and the Kaiser issued me this uniform... That's why WE will be marching through London one of these days soon and ya know, I bet we can take New York too. I always thought that Wilson was up to no good. Only those Americans would replace their great leader Theodore Roosevelt with such a man. And really, we have many good German citizens living there. They make excellent beer and will welcome the proper order and prosperity we will bring. As for France, well, you know that they will quickly come to terms with us as their masters, just like they did back in '71!!! And the Brits, well we all know they really wish that they were German -- their KING is German!!

Hoch dem Kaiser!!!


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