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Im new to this, but I was interested in WW2 reenacting, specifically in groups that actually go to france to reenact at the actual battlefields. Well, any good places where I can purchase Army uniforms from back then? Also, I need to get briefed about weapons, for example ,are they actually tactically inclined? Airsoft, paintball, etc.

Thanks for the help.

Lcpl. Machuca
San Diego, CA

For one-stop shopping talk to Dave at   

You can give him a call tell him what you need and you can come away with everything you need except the weapon.

Most of the weapons that I have seen in France are airsoft.  The battles are set to real battles in the area during the war.


Alas, in France, they don't really allow Axis reenactors, so you kind of just stand around. It'd be neat, but the French are the French and have their rules about wearing German WWII uniforms -- you can kinda understand it.

I have seen some pretty large events pictured over there.  I will see if I can dig the pictures up from another forum.

This is the really big event I remember.  The nice local women make it very easy to remember!

Hope this gives you an idea of what they do over there.  I can dig up more if you need it.

i need some help finding a unit in kentucky becuse i live in kentucky .
Plus I need help a WW2 Helmet for the 101st airborne.


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