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WW2 British in Texas?


No, we're not dead, but maybe that other thread is ("British Impression"); nothing on there for nearly three years? I've been doing my Pre-Dunkirk BEF impression here for almost eight years, and eking out my kit continuously ever since. ...Almost there. As you will note in the picture, the tartan shoulder patch is too large, and the HD badge is "premature" (instead should be a red 'X'). All fixed since this picture was snapped.
Next event: Living History presentation at the San Antonio Highland Games -->, April 6+7, 2013.

Making progress, but need to control that darned frog. The thing hanging below my left ear and under the helmet strap is a boom mic, c.2011.  ;)

'at a Boy ! Cheers from a WW2 Brit in MD.

All the best, Johnnie, 1 Mx MG, 15 Scottish Div.


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