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Folks are alway's asking about thier personal kit.The onething they dont ask about is how we can improve are camp.Ok folks lets focus on  are living conditions in the field.The fun part of this is everybody can pitch in.I will start this off.First if your Infantry no chair's.Every photo of Infantry I have seen they use logs or crate's for sitting on or the ground,weather permitting.Only barrack's Infantry uses chair's.Now that this is out of the way,lets start exchanging info on where to find camp equipment.Go to "".They have good quality GI canvas .The tents they have are of the large size and made hear in the US.Check it out.they are abit pricey but they will still be less expensive than the british stuff,no import tax .Lets hear from the rest of you on things you have found or use to improve your camp impression.

Go to "".This is the sight for liberty crates.They have a lot of GI crates to make a smart looking camp.To many varieties to list here so check it out and be impressed.P.S. the prices are the best ive seen. ;)

Go to ""Go to the British tent section .They have a 15ftx15ft camo net.This can be used for your camp,strong point or to hide your vehicle.

Can't go wrong with the trusty shelter 1/2 - have 3 or 4 tents set up present a good, orderly display + allow for reenactors to display their kit in front

You bet lewis.This is perhaps one of the best ways to display.Sure is the easyiest .After a full weekend your beat and dont want to tear down a circus so in mimutes your down and ready to head back home.


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