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Camp authenticity


Right you lot .You have done a bang up job on you personal kit.Now you need proper quarters in the field .Go to "".They make British bell tents that look's smackers.The rest of you give it a goe on info for camp authentics even if you reenact something else.Remeber shared information will make good friends.

Scope out "".They carry repro British commonwealth mines and grenades and a couple of grenade crates.Believe it or not they also make all steel non functioning PIAT launchers.Thats a first. :D

Go to "".They have British officiers wall tents and fly's.They also have the elusive 15ftx15ft camo net.It's under British tents menu.

Aye, no proper camp is complete without scrim netting and grenade crates. Don't forget the sandbags around the slit trenches.

Cheerio ! Johnnie, 1 Mx MG, 15th Scottish Div.


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