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Correct Royal Signals motorcyclist display?


Hi all,

I'm totally new to reenactment so I'll give it a try...

I plan to attend the upcoming Market Garden memorial events in the Netherlands with my Royal Enfield WDCO from '44. In order to look correctly, I have been gathering some gear in the past year.

I now have:
- Battle dress jacket provided with Royal Signals en XXX corps patches
- Dispatch rider breeches
- Dispatch rider boots
- Leather jerkin
- Dispatch rider gauntlets
- Dispatch rider helmet + goggles
- P37 waist belt
- Dispatch rider rubberized coat

I also have an original ww2 Royal Signals field service cap (could not upload photo). This one is dark blue with light blue piping. I am not sure who wore this cap during WW2. Were these only the officers, or did this go with a gala dress, ... or?

Is it appropriate to wear this cap with the aforementioned equipment during a Market Garden memorial?



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