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Question regarding the Western Allied impressions in regards to Russian


Well on several forums and yahoo groups the question has been brought up several times but noticed never on a US/UK/Commonwealth thread. There is interest in seeing East Front grow from the Russian, other nations and German sides. However since a lot of Germans also do Russian it seems natural to try to get others in the hobby to expand. My question is since most GI's only do this impression why won't you try to gather a secondary one that is out there complete and an Allied impression at that for pretty cheap in this hobby? Why don't US reenactors seem to be getting Soviet (also an Ally) impressions so both fronts can be done?

It'd be nice! However, I remember once at a WW2HPG event it was brought up at a meeting after the event and you would not beleive the number of American reenactors who would stand up and say (no sh*t here) "I don't have me a problem wearin' an SS unyform, but ah ain't a gonna be puttin' on no damn commyounist unyform!" And yeah, it was all pronounced and said just about how I am re-telling it!? They'll do SS, but NOT Soviet?! Crazy.

Personally, I love doing Soviet, it's fun and a neat break! And it's not like they wern't an Ally of the United States -- they were. Hell, the Soviet Union lost 62 TIMES as many people as we did -- 62 times man!! It wouldn't have mattered much if we hadn't landed at Normandie... the Red Army still would have probably won in the end.  But I digress.

Another spiffy thing about a Soviet impression is women can do it!  :) Yes, sometimes we do this to get away form our wives, but many guys would like to share their hobby w/ their wife and have some measure of peace onthe home front. And yeah dude, you can bring your girlfriend -- she'll look hot in one of those Soviet uniformns w/ the khaki skirt and high boots. ;D

Last, most reenactors are, shall we say, "thrifty" and this impression is really cheap. Hell, you can get all your clothing and kit from Front of Russia for under $120 I think, plus boots, plus a Moisin-Nagant (ca. $125 if you look around). What's not to like there. Hell, I've paid more than all of that just for my WWII German jacket.

So, to recap: Fun, Allies of the U.S., Women can "play," econmical impression and last, you're not doing the old standard uhleet Wahffen Ess Ess Troooper or Band of more Brothers impression.

Come on, get your butt off the couch, stop watching the "Hitler Channel's" Modern Marvels and get out there!

Philonivs Maximvs:
Here here... the bug bit me a couple years ago, finally!


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