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Do we need to return to ONE National WWII Organization?

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So I ask: Do we need to return to ONE National WWII Organization? Why, well it seems things are soooo spread out that our efforts are diluted. Authenticity is down and in some ways we seem to ge going backwards :-( What are your thoughts?

Know about a group of guys working on a regional type format but not a national one.

Philonivs Maximvs:
As stated before, I think it would be a great idea, as long as the offices were not abused. I have come to realize that many of the folks who volunteer for such a post put in a lot of their spare time to do it, which is great.... and maybe they do need to be reimbursed in some fashion. Just not free, easy access to the kitty! (as has happened in the past with many org's)

The WW2 HRS might be something to push again.... I hear that they have overcome a lot of squabbles & ill goings-on. Then again, they are the big boy on my block, so yeah. Someone out in CA might feel that theirs is the one to model all others on, and you can see where this might go. Might be an impossible, up-hill battle to try to get everyone on the same page again. And you're always going to have the rebels that simply won't assimilate, for whatever reason.

Put it to a vote, and I'm for it!

depends on whos running it

question how much chatter is their bewteen the diffent major groups?
How about just getting them to talk to each other 1st?
Or is that a pipe deam?


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