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Initial Review of the SS Room MP40 BFONG


Apologies if this isn't the right spot for this, please move as needed. I used links since I don't know this boards picture policy.

Inititial Review of the Schoessler?s Supply Room MP40 Blank Firing Only, Non-Gun

This is an initial review of the Schoessler?s Supply Room (SSR) MP40 Blank Firing Only, Non-Gun (BFONG).  The objective of this write-up is to give my opinion of the SSR MP40 BFONG.  From the get-go let it be known that I?ve never owned or handled an original MP40. Any comments that may make a comparison between the BFONG and original are based on comments made by those who have, but I won?t be making many of those. 

   I honestly can?t remember where I heard about the concept of these BFONGs, but most likely I was just surfing the net looking for interesting WW2 reproductions. It was about 2 years ago that I came across the SSR website ( .  I was immediately intrigued by the idea of having a blank only MP40 for reenacting. The idea  became even more intriguing when I saw that this design would circumvent existing gun laws because it wasn?t a firearm. A very compelling idea for us in the PROK or People?s Republik of Kalifornia. So I contacted Chuck and had him add my name to the list. A couple years later? a legal MP40 replica arrived on my doorstep.

This review will cover the following:  Packaging, BFONG, Ammo Pouches, Magazines, and Ammunition. I took all pictures as I opened the packaging. Bear in mind that some of the items that were sent were part of the deal for orders that were placed in the beginning. Magazine Pouches and sling are not part of the BFONG order now as far as I know.

I. Packaging.
   The BFONG and accessories arrived in a plastic rifle case with foam padding inside.  Here is what it looked like when it arrived:

The rifle case was secured by zip ties in the padlock holes in four locations:

The case was also taped around it?s ?belly? with packaging tape:

Everything arrived nicely and undamaged in any way. Once I opened the case it revealed all the BFONG and all the accessories that came with it.

In addition to the accessories that came with it the BFONG came with an 18 page owners manual which covered various topics about the BFONG such as loading, field stripping, do?s and don?ts and warranty.

The manual covers just about everything you need to know and I know that I can get answers quick by contacting Chuck if anything comes up.

   Ok, let?s get down to the BFONG itself. Again, I?ve never owned or handled a real MP40, but when I opened the case, I was impressed. The BFONG looked just like any MP40 I?ve seen in documentaries, movies, or at events. Here and there you see some small welds and other manufacturing blemishes, but nothing that really put me off to the whole thing. The BFONG ?s bluing was a bit darker than I expected. I thought it might be a bit more ?grey? for lack of better terms. Again, nothing that  will bother me.  The BFONG is beefy and weighs a good amount, however I feel that?s a small price to pay for having an ?MP40?.  Here are some shots of the BFONG:

Photos from head to toe:

I noticed that the magazine well was mis-shapened. As I tested the magazines for fit this didn?t seem to affect them seating in the magazine well. A couple magazines stuck a little, but a little effort and they came out.

I noticed that the folding stock didn?t lock into position under BFONG. Once the folding stock was released and locked into the open position, the release but seems to stick a little bit and take some pressure to release.

Here is a shot of the chamber when the bolt is not charged forward:

The upper receiver or ?tube? portion had a bit of travel in it. That is to say it moves about an 1/8 inch between it and the lower frame portion. The BFONG components weigh enough to where shaking it around doesn?t create any sound even with the travel.  Apparently that isn?t unheard of even with originals. Overall, I liked the look and feel of it. I suppose those who are used to originals may have an issue with the weight, but if you are in decent shape you should be fine.

III. Magazines   
   Since  I have not fired the BFONG yet I can only comment on the fit of the magazines. I inserted each magazine into the BFONG to ensure they would all fit. Most of the magazines fit fine, however there were a couple that needed a bit of extra effort to insert or remove. I don?t feel that they will hinder the performance of the overall BFONG, but I will elaborate more in the next review I give after an event. Here are some pictures:

They were packaged inside the magazine pouches that I received

Top portion of the mag

Floorplate of the magazine

IV. SSR Magazine Pouches
   I?ve never had or reviewed other magazine pouches, but my initial impression was that the pouches were well made. Good thick leather and sturdy canvas are used. With some weathering I think these will look real nice. The green of the pouches may be a bit dark, but that is nothing time, sun and dust won?t take care of.

A second review will come when I have had a chance to fire it and function test all the mags. 

V. Ammunition
   The ammunition is a round that was specifically designed for the SSR BFONG and cannot be used with any other existing weapon. Apparently, this was part of the process to qualify as a Non- Gun. It is a 9.3mm round. The brass used for the proprietary round utilizes Lake City Arsenal brass, which is a contractor that produces several different types of ammunition for the military. Most of the headstamps I looked at revealed that the brass was made in 2004.

The ammunition arrived with the BFONG, but in it?s own package:

VI. Misc.
   I am pleased with the overall look of all the products that I have received from SSR. Once I have fired the BFONG I will be making a second review. Hopefully this review will help others get a better idea of what to expect from SSR. Here are some final miscellaneous pictures:

In this picture you can see the carbon from the test firing performed prior to shipping.


Is the weapon a forward or upward discharge piece?

Is the certification specific for this item or generic? If the latter, does this mean there will soon be other full auto blank firers?

Do you know if the company expect to expand teir range and, if so any ideas what they plan?


Tom the Walrus

     The whole system works in reverse of a real weapon (requirement to get BATF approval as non-gun). The bolt is pushed forward to charge and the rounds actually fire back towards you and the gasses are re-routed to the front of the barrel. Sounds crazy, but  when it fires it looks and sounds like the real thing, with muzzle flash, ejecting shells and all.  If you go to you can find out more about the company and their plans. He has already produced a PPSH41 and has plans to do an AK47, Thompson and others. Unfortunately, I won't be able to shoot mine for a month or so, but if you want to see video, there is video of all his current products on the website.


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