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Hi out there.  I am a teacher at a middle school.  We are trying to reenact a USO show for our BETA talent act this year.  I have a great group of singers to do The Andrews Sisters, and I have an even better group of kids who are learning to swing dance.  Problem is, I have no idea how to affordably dress the kids who are suppossed to be soldiers at the dance.  Can anyone help?


ok well if you have a small group of kids you may want to see about having a few parents with sewing skills make a few hats , they are kind of easy and i think that one of the pattern companies has a pattern . an other idea might be to have them dress in tan and dark blue , most boys have blue and tan dress pants , and collared skirts aren't that much ( and can be used again ) I hope this helps .


p.s. you might want to see if you have a local WWII re-enactment group that might be able to help you with this , also . plus you might be able to get them to be part of your show .

You mighy want to look at thrift stores or Army Navy stores for uniforms. You can use Dickie Kaki pants and shirts for uniforms,then get Kaki ties and tuck them in the shirts. Look at period pictures, also look at our web site it might help. for our pics.
Best of luck and I hope that helped.
Bull :)


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