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Allies of all sorts are needed for the November 17 Buck Springs Event in Littleton, NC.

It is a western-front event set in the fall of 1944. Arrival is Friday between 2 and 11 and Saturday between 6 and 8. Period tentage and your own food is required; bathrooms and potable water is on site.

If you are interested in attending, shoot me an email at I will send you a registration form. I would attach it with this post, but I'm not sure how to. If you RSVP with me by email and bring a registration form to the gate, we will let you in at the pre-registration price of $10.

Many of you in the North Carolina and Virginia area know about our event; we've been putting it on for better than four years now and a good time has been had by all in the past. Please come out and help us make it another great event!

Bill in VA:
Buck Springs is always a fun event...small enough that everybody gets to play, but enough room so you're not tripping all over each other, broken and varied terrain, structures, referees, potable running water. I've been in contact with Erich already and told him Fox Coy 2/504 will be there, or at least, some of us (I can't wife needs me to go to FL with her for the holidays.)


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