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Reenactors Buyers Guide.


  The guide is back up...

  Feel free to point out any out of date links.  I caught up with some of the outdated info on the guide and I am back managing it more actively.  There may be a few posts that I lost.  If you posted in the last 2 or 3 months and don't see it, repost.  Remember the following rules.

1. Personal slams are out.  All posts are reviewed by me before being tagged for viewing by the public.
2. For low ratings, this is not a place where 2 individuals are going to have a pissing contest.  Just post your side of the story, if the ratings are low I email the rating to the vendor and offer them 2 weeks to send me a reply which I post with the review, this way everyone sees both sides.  If they do not respond I post the review with a "no reply from vendor". 
3. I reserve the right to edit should the complaint or reply contain personal attacks.
4. Anonymous posts will not be posted
5. The more we all use it, the more it helps everyone but it will help me out big time if you let me know when you find errors.


- Erich
3./Fallschirm Pi Btl 1


This list is a great help to those entering the hobby and trying to figure out which vendors to deal with and which ones to stay away from. Keep it up and if it ever gets too big I am sure you'll be able to get some people to help manage it.

Would you please advise how we can get listed on your buyers guide. We have a "one of a kind" of product that is intended for use by the German Reenactors.
We have the exclusive distributorship for the NEW MP 44. This "non-gun" fires a 9mm Pak blank and is very loud. It fires both semi-auto as well as full auto.

We are the sole point source for this Non-Gun as well as the distributor for the same model in .22 LR. (A real rifle) Both are of equal quality and are a dead ringer for the original MP  44, down to the correct markings on the rifle.

We have an exclusive purchase program that will give the reenactor first shot at this product, ahead of the collector or shooter.

We can be reached at

I have talked to Ed Walton from "Lost Battalions" and he is very excited about our program and pricing. He is going to create a link from his website to ours to increase contact with the reenactor groups.

I await your contact.

I'll try it on my home computer, but I couldn't get the guide to come up. ;-(

It seems that the Guide is missing. A lot of people are wondering what happened! ???


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