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Atlantic Wall Blanks report!


Occasionally I find a vendor whom I just have to rave about! Atlantic Wall Blanks is one of those!!  ;D

I have reenacted WWI since 1990 and in that time I have tried NUMEROUS types of blanks. NONE of them have ever worked very well for me until this weekend! I got some of Robb's 8mm full length blanks and it made using that rifle fun -- in the 17 years I've owned my Gewehr 98, it has NEVER worked this well. Customer for life!!

I truly mean it -- the action was like glass -- this from a rifle I've sometimes had to HAMMER on the bolt to close. ;-( During one attack this weekend, I fired so many rounds, so quickly that I burned my hand on my rifle... I've never had that with a bolt-action. It made shooting the gun a pleasure  :) Outstanding work Robb!

Any of you who need blanks for reenacting, give Atlantic Wall Blanks a try -- you will NOT be disappointed.
Marsh, 1./J.R.23  (^)

I agree. Have been ordering from Robb for two years now and not one problem at all. He is a very good person, honest and will work with you.

My first post here and I've gotta' agree, Robb makes the best blank rounds money can buy. Bought a couple hundred and not a single jam or misfire.  GREAT ammo and literally great bang for the buck!   ;)

I have two BFONGs from Indianapolis Ordinance (PPSH41, MP40). and his 9.3 blanks are outstanding. My only complaint is they're never in stock.  0|


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