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Author Topic: Scottish Rite Military Time Line event 2013  (Read 2294 times)

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Scottish Rite Military Time Line event 2013
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:02:26 PM »
Scottish Rite Event
April 6th-7th, 2013

All Military reenactors and Living History displays are welcome to the fifth annual Orlando Scottish Rite Military Event and Militaria show with Battle Reenactment and weapons demonstration.  We want to make sure that the message is sent out that all Impressions are welcomed and period and non period camping is welcomed during this event. (Non period camping will be in specified location)
*We are also looking for any Military Vehicles that could be displayed for our guests!!! 
The Scottish Rite Event will be a Time Line event and are looking for encampments from the Revolutionary War to Modern day.  We are creating a pathway through history for our guests.  It is hoped that this will educate all who attend, to the sacrifices the Military Soldier has given to our Country. 


Military Vendors will be available for all your Impression needs.  Vendor tables will be available for purchase this year.  $20.00 for inside space with tables (early bird discount till March 1st or $25.00 at the door) $10.00 for a 10x10 outside spaces, no tables or tents provided.  For more information about rentals please contact the Orlando Scottish Rite at 407-657-4550 or call Aldis Grauds at 321-239-2467 (cell)
Again Units and individual reenactors that have items for sale are invited to sell items at their campsites or displays at no fee to the Orlando Scottish Rite.


Period camping will sectioned off as like last year.  Allied will be west of that field and the Axis will be east of the field.  Power will be provided for those who need electricity for medical reasons.  Modern camping will be placed east of the property.
Camp fires are welcomed with all safety concerns taking into account.

Public Interaction:
It would be hoped that all Living Historical Encampments could clear all ?Farb? items prior to guest interaction.  This year it would be hoped that units could step to the plate and provide more interactions with the public. ?An interactive camp will be a happy camp? examples of this would be weapons cleaning demos, unit training, PT and historical unit lectures periodically throughout the day.  The bottom line is involve the public when ever possible.

We will be providing a best camp display competition along with a best military impression during this event.  Judging of the camps will take place Saturday the 6th by a group of non reenacting judges.  The individual impression judging will be held Saturday evening during the Elsie and Bruno USO show.  Prizes are yet to be determined.


The battle will take place where the old Axis camping area was.  The public will stand on the higher ground surrounding the field.  The Allied commander will be Mike Roberts from the 4th Armored and the Axis commander will be David Hawley from the 1st SS.  There should be two battles, Saturday and Sunday.
If there should be an interest in providing a Vietnam battle, please let me know so I can plan on having it for the afternoon on Saturday.

Weapons demo and impression descriptions will be before the battle.  I would ask that that those who plan on attending with several impressions, please allow the public the opportunity to view them and educate them.

A P.A. system will be available for better communication to the Public.

All reenactors are invited to a Saturday lunch and Saturday dinner.  Lunch will be offered by the event concessions.  Unit leaders will distribute the tickets for there members.  One ticket per! .  Please get with the event coordinator (Aldis Grauds) for estimated total for reenactors by Friday if all possible.
There will be no Friday evening meal provided by the Scottish Rite
We will be having the Bruno and Elsie show Saturday evening.  Dinner, drinks, musical talent and music will be provided.  This is our way to thank you for all that you do for our communities and for keeping history alive.  Period uniforms are encouraged for the Saturday night show. Yes we will have the Burlesque Girls along with something special for our quests that evening

Schedule for the Weekend

Friday 5th:

Set up Camping (All Day)
Evening meeting with Reenactors present TBD

Saturday 6th:

7AM to 9:30AM Setup
10:00 AM Opening ceremony (Flag rising) Request all reenactors present in impressions

12:00 PM Battle
5:00 PM Event Closes
6:00-10:00 the ?Bruno and Elsie show? with dinner

Sunday 7th:
10:00 AM Event Opens
12:00 AM Battle
3:00   PM Events Ends
(closing ceremonies, Lowering Flag)  The time may change due to weather and attendance

I will post any and all modifications to the event scheduling when its gets closer to the event start date.  Let me say to all hobbyists that I am truly grateful to you all and it is my goal to host you all to the best of my capabilities.