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I know bad " subject heading " , sorry . Ok , our group is more of a support / parent group for re-enactors of all time periods. I do events for / with each group of re-enactors but nothing with all of them together . I am looking for an event that i could include all of our re-enactors , as re-enactors . I need help .

   I have only attended one "time-line" event.  There were groups ranging from 1st century A.D. Rome (group I was with) up to WWI.  It was held at Destrehan Plantation in Destrehan, LA (upriver from New Orleans).  We all had a great time meeting and exchanging stories with people who do other time periods.  There were in addition to us Romans, people who did Ren Fair, then to War of 1812, Civil War, and WWI.  The staff at the plantation had contacted the leaders of each group and asked them to participate. 

   My suggestion would be to contact a park or other venue with space to host the different groups.  The spectators who came out certainly enjoyed seeing such a long time span, since all of the groups had women and children as members.  It was a very relaxed and enjoyable event.  Especially funny were the photo ops....a Roman soldier chatting with a Union soldier, a WWI nurse chatting with a Roman matron, etc.

   Good Luck, and please let me know if you are able to set something up.


thanks ,  do you think it would work with just four groups ?

I don't see why not- you might want to tie it to some sort of theme.

Even with just your four groups, you have a time span of 170 years.  The changes in uniforms, weapons, etc. would make for an interesting event.  Especially if you focus on the fact that in the Rev War the British were our enemies, and in WWI and WWII, our allies.  My late father was a WWII & Korean War vet (U.S. Army Air Corps), so these don't seem to remote to me, but your average teenager today probably views them as ancient history. 

My one and only WWII event was portraying Eleanor Roosevelt on the U.S.S. Kidd, docked now in Baton Rouge.  I got to meet actual members of her crew- and when members of the Confederate Air Force flew over, with the markings of the Japanese Zeros which had bombed the Kidd, it must have given some of them flashbacks.  I was sitting the stands, with crew members sitting on both sides of me, and when the one plane cut its engines, and that "whine" went through the air, two men, on each side of me pushed me down and covered me, saying "Duck Mrs. Roosevelt, it's a Kamakizie coming!".  They apologized later, but I told them no need, they had actually been there, and I had no way of understanding how frightining such a reenactment might be. 

To any and all veterans who are members of this list......there are not enough words to thank you for what you did. God Bless You All!!

Faye Dufour


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