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WWII section being updated now!


I am moving all the r.Net WWII stuff over to the portal and Rob and Harry will be updating stuff soon! If you have a unit we don't have or if we have a bad link for your unit (or, of course) one you know of, let them know by clicking on their name below and e-mailing them:

* Rob Haught
* Harry CoombsEventually...
Eventually, our links will be more easily updated and we will be able to keep up on them -- it's hard when one person has to try and do it all. I know, over the years, I've went nuts a bit trying to do it, as you just can't and it takes a LOT of websurfing to do keep on these things. You should see me trying to update RevWar or CW links  >:( Ack! I don't reenact those periods and so I don't know all the nuances of them either. Plus, so many units have what I call "Puff Daddy" websites -- ones that don't tell you anything about the unit itself (kinda important for new recruits... it's just hard and takes someone who reenacts THAT period.

And of course
If you see something that needs attention, please let our staff know!!
Thanks, Marsh -- Head Village Idiot  yoy

Yep, will work on them this weekend so no problem. After the visual can do it more easily now says the burned out teacher! ;D


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