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Gothic Line Italian tactical event


WW2 Italian front "Gothic Line" non-scripted tactical to be held on private property in Lugoff, South Carolina on the weekend of March 16-18, 2012.
This is an Italian event, so ALL late war (RSI) Italian impressions are welcome.
We also need plenty of Allied troops (American, British, Indians, Brazilians etc.)
Participation fee is $20 per person
There is no running water or electricity on site and no modern bathrooms.
The Axis forces will be occupying trench works, but all perticipants will be camping out, so bring your tent.
Grenades, smoke, mortars, MG's, and vehicles are all allowed.
POC: chris Miller  (404) 484-1648
102 Gettys rd. Lugoff, SC 29078


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