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Aging Reenactors?


Karl Helweg: 

Thisis pretty true. It's HARD to find younger people. The cost, the fact that they'd rather do it on a video game or chat on social media... Young kids do things I just don't understand--snap chat is one, but really, I think facebook itself has really hurt the hobby. All of it is on FB now and that makes it harder to build enthusiasm.

My WWI unit has some young guys. Great. WWI is awesome, at least at Newville. However, I expect it to wane as the Centennial ends. In my Roman unit, we have a couple young guys, but the belief it costs a lot holds them back, although Roman is a lot cheaper than many time periods. And the article is right, many of the kids think it's obscure, but they don't mention that they don't want to do any work at sites or want to cut out after the fighting. I have no real answers. @<>~

Karl Helweg:
A tactic to recruit younger reenactors:


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