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Been awhile since I've been on here and during that time have been using my History degree to help with genealogy. During the past couple years I've found out some of my ancestors participated in the Revolution, War of 1812, Union and Confederate during the War Between the States as well as Lord Dunmore's War and the Pontiac Indian War of 1763. With that information I found various ancestral societies that one could join. Some were direct lineage and others allowed both direct or collateral lines. Thought I would share them in case anyone was interested as we all discuss remembering those of who fought in various time periods and educating the public.

Females only
Colonial Dames of America (contact chapter)
Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the Cincinnati
US Daughters of 1812
National Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861 - 1865
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Males only
General Society of Colonial Wars
Sons of the Revolution
Sons of the American Revolution
The Society of the Cincinnati
General Society War of 1812
Military Society of the War of 1812
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Sons of Confederate Veterans
The Military Order of the Stars and Bars

So I hope this helps anyone who would be interested in joining any of the above.


Karl Helweg:
Thank you for posting.

My wife is the local DAR chapter regent.

I cannot seem to find out much about SAR and there is no local group.  I am eligible for the sons of the Union but my lovely North Carolinian wife has threatened to kill me if I join. 

Looks like only a state chapter up there. Joined the SCV, SUVCW and waiting on SAR app which was approved by the local chapter in WV (though I live in SC). Wife is in the Daughters of Union Veterans and working on DAR app. Figured it's about the ancestors and my wife and I are going to put our member certs framed in War Between the States themed shadow box.


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