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Looking for Groups in Northern CA


I will be moving back to the Sacramento area this fall and have gotten into reenacting while living in Delaware.  My fiance and I are hoping to find some reenacting groups to join when we move out there.  We are just finishing employment doing first person ACW at Fort Delaware State Park, but are open to most other periods as well (I'm just an overall history reenacting nerd).  I am however especially interested in CA gold rush reenacting groups if they exist.  Any information at all would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!

If you're looking to do Civil War in Northern California, check out the NCWA at:

Thank you so much for the site!  It was really useful, and I ended up sending off an email to get more info from them.  I was so worried I would have a hard time finding others in North CA after coming from Delaware where it's easy to find other reenactors.  That made my day!   ;D

Hello, my name is Sani and I live in the Norcal area.  Not sure if you are interested in ever doing WWII (German of course), but we have a GREAT Unit and are always looking for more Cannon Fodder and DRK Nurses  ;)  Here is our link if interested (shameless plug I know):

Have fun in Sac (too hot there for me personally)

Sani Trummel

II. San. Komp. 352

Thank you much!  I have not done WWII before but am always interested in expanding my reenacting activities.  You guys have a great site.  I will definitely look into it!


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