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Anyone doing Korean War Living History Displays ?


--- Quote from: Stump44 on January 18, 2007, 03:05:24 PM ---Anyone doing Korean War Living History Displays ?

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I believe so, but the ones I have seen were a MASH unit, I think.

No, but I wish someone would. It's an under-appreciated war. 53,000 Americans servicemen died in those three years.


There are a few small groups getting started in the mid-Atlantic states.  Some guys in NC doing Chinese.  I'm starting up 1953 Army infantry impression with some guys I do WW1 with.  None of it is organized to any degree yet.  But the impressions are starting to form.

I really want to start my own little group that portrays a USMC radio squad, a regular USMC squad, or an Army squad. The only friends I could start it with would be the one's in my civil war group because the rest of them are my age (12 years old), and less mature. Does anybody know what vendors have Korean War supplies?


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