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I definitely will! I'll try to get a site up soon. Does anybody know where there are some Korean War uniform vendors? And does anyone know a good free site-maker?

try their M-43's would be that same as what was worn in the early days of the korean war

If anyones is in the southern PA MD area i'm working on starting up a US army unit

I am in Northern NJ but would love to get involved in a Army Korean living history unit.  I have most of the equipment (lifelong collector) all I would need to purchase are a set of HBT's, a pair of double buckle boots, and some blanks.

Any help you need, feel free to let me know.

I don't want to steal from's thunder, but My friend and I have a small Korean War reenactors forum. ( ). Lots of good pics, I've posted a lot of stuff about Chinese in the hope that someone out there is reading it!


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