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--- Quote from: strangepair03 on July 20, 2007, 08:55:18 PM ---I am in Northern NJ but would love to get involved in a Army Korean living history unit.  I have most of the equipment (lifelong collector) all I would need to purchase are a set of HBT's, a pair of double buckle boots, and some blanks.

Any help you need, feel free to let me know.

--- End quote ---

i have a group of three so far and only two of us have weapons right and no uniforms

Cool, I am close to having 2 friends jump on board.

Also, was wondering if anyone here is familiar with the movie "Take the high ground"  It is unavailable on dvd....However I have a friend of a friend who was able to obtain a copy on dvd....

If there is an interest, I could have him burn a few more.


I read a summary about it in a book on Korean War films, can't exactly say I'm dying to see it. I still have a copy of Shanganling Mountain I've been meaning to watch, If it's any good I'll let everyone know. 

Woodard,  I have attempted to register on the Korean war board, but have never recieved a confirmation/activation code.

Any help would be appreciated.


I sent a message to my buddy who does all the technical stuff. We'll see if we can figure it out. It lists you as a "not activated" member. If you have a second e-mail address you may want to try and have the forum re-send you an activation code to that address. If not, then we'll figure it out.


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