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Thanks for the info, just got activated...I'm piperjohn on that board.  Thanks again.

I started doing a Living History Display 3 years ago and almost got everything I need, but I always want too much.  For anyone getting started with the Korean thing get the Book, US Army Uniforms of the Korean War,  by Shelby Stanton. I got mine off Amazon and it wasn't very expensive. It has a lot on Uniforms and field gear.

anyone have a 3.5" M20 Bazooka ?????

moderator note... here is the link to the book on amazon  ;):

Combat Zone- Inchon 1950 will be on the Military chanel tonight 08-06 at 8pm and again at midnight.  Excellent show with some good reenactment scenes. :)


anyone have a 3.5" M20 Bazooka ?????

trying to build one that shoots a round with a CO2 cartrage


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