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So, if dueling were legal, would you? With who? With what weapons? I sure bet that if dueling WERE legal people would be a damn site politer in this country (world).

Rudeness rules the day and no one seems to care. In the work place, more and more it seems, employers are once again starting to believe their egos that we're all their personal slaves or serfs. >:( Am I alone in my beliefs here?
Blathering on... Marsh

I am not so sure about dueling but I like the concept. My boss can out shoot me in quick-draw any day.

My father has always said that there should be one day a year that you are allowed to go shoot someone.
Everyone would be a hell of a lot better towards each other then.  I still think he has a point.   :police:


Well, I would certainly embrace having that option.  Nowadays, those that are the powers that be, tend to regard themselves as untouchable, with noone to answer to but themselves, and everyone else are just out of luck.  The possibility of being challenged in a serious manner, would surely take away a great bit of arrogance out of their treatmant of others.  A little reminder to them that words do indeed have meaning and should be spoken with care. --No political correctness, just self policing of consideration.

Hell yes!  Smallswords or pistols... I still have one damn good eye!

Most people wouldn't do it. Or they'd stop it as soon as it started as people are too PC today.  ---/


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