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    I live in Queens New York. I would like to learn sword fighting. I purchaced a Medieval Knight single Hand sword at the Ren Fair in Tuxiedo NY. Does anyone know Where I can go?

Well I liked my method, it was simple enough.

Find Tree - Whoop it's backside, ha ha ha.  >:D

Sorry I know that that was less than helpful.

seek out your local SCA.  they are a group of reenactors that dedicate themselves to the middle ages.  you can find you group at

Yes, the SCA or the MSR are going to be helpful. Years back ('87) I too went a Faire, but it was out the Island. It was hosted by MSR. Evidently there were some politics between the two groups- but I never learned the differences.

I did have an opportunity to take fencing and broadsword lessons by an MSR member. He taught on Saturdays in Flushing Meadows Park. It was fun to learn from a former Olympic fencing alternate. At the time the historic standards were too much for me so I joined FALO, which is based on community instead of historic accuracy. (It's also Fantasy based- dwarves, elves, magicians and such)

Try to attend the Pennsic Wars. You'll have a blast. There are a ton of vendors, and the community is amazing.

Karl Helweg:
Besides mentioned above an Olympic style fencing club can teach you a lot more than you can imagine.  Try 


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