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2008 Election

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Well folks, the political Fol-De-Rol is almost over.  I, for one, will be delighted to not be receiving the damned robo-calls for a while! --Maddening things! At this point, it looks like a horse race.  I just hope that things cook out good for us, as reenactors. -Keep your fingers crossed, hm?

UPDATE: At this point it seems the deed is done.  Not only has there been a change of drivers, it has been decided to burn the bus, too. >:D

Well we fall into that category whose partiotic duty is to pay more in taxes to help redistribute the wealth so others can have a piece of the pie. Granted that I paid my way through college plus worked FT and PT, my wife has some student loans left but received a Ph.D., works 55-65 hours a week plus some weekends, live in one of the most expensive places, have a baby and already pay 30% in Federal taxes on top of NY state and NYC taxes. We worked hard to get to where we are at but now where is the incentive to go out and make more money if you are going to take it from me?

There is NO incentive if they're just going to take it. I find the threat of "executive Orders" even more chilling. :O>@

Agreed! Prepare for a siege, gentlemen.


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