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We need a cold war section please :)


Hello there! My name is Ray from Dallas, Texas and I have formed a 1979-1991-era Soviet VDV/ DShB unit. Specifically, we portay the 106th Guards Ariborne out of Tula or the 35th Assault Landing Brigade GSFG (Group of Soviet Forces Germany). Our goal is to take reenacting into the Cold War-era by reenacting actual conflicts (Soviet-Afghan War) or playing the "What-if" card of alternative history such as the invasion of Western Europe. Again, this concept is still very new and I am in the works with another unit that portays the British 10th Paras ( in trying to get our first alternative history tactical going. Please visit my site: The site has become somewhat of an online encyclopedia of the Cold War-era Soviet Airborne as of late, but you can still easilly find information about the unit.

I am currently recruiting at the moment. If you are interested, please email me at:!



Thanks!!! ;D


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