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Fake Razor Wire


Hi Guys!
            My name is Cpl Russell 'Hollywood' Bibb and i'm a member of the UkAirCav living history group. What I was wondering was if anybody knew of where I could get my hands on some fake razor wire for a our displays at the shows?

You can make your own given enough time.  Razor wire (Barbed Tape) is just a roll cut metal strip with trianglar tabs, use a strip of pliable plastic cut it and paint. Interlock two strands to form concertina wire.

Also you can mix that with "Barbed wire" consisting of tieing cut rubber bands on a spool of wire (the famous barbed wire in Steve McQueens scene of The Great Escape was made this way)

That way if you don't find a Manufacturer you have options.

Thanks for the "rubber band" tip. Currently our Camp uses real barbed wire, but we want to add more layers. Doing this with twine and rubber bands might be a cost saving (and safe) way to add more wire.


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