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NAM 68 - Newville PA, Signal Core photos


July 24-26, 2009 Newville, PA GWA Unit Event (sponsored by L 109th ): "Nam 68" - This was a total immersion tactical event.  Thank you to Brett Werner, Ryan, Bubba, Jimmy and a great VC!  My unit is still learning to reenact as a Signal Core Photographic Unit and we had the time of our live at this event.

Here is a link to the images.
You might need to copy and paste into the browser.  Please spread the word about the August 7-9th Vietnam Appreciation Weekend at Ft. Mifflin PA with Bobe Hope USO show to Follow living history, reenactments, displays, food and interaction with veterans.

Thank you!


--- Quote from: hitchingtodanang on July 27, 2009, 09:07:32 am ---Here is a link to the images.
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Why not add some of these to the photo gallery here on r.Net?


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