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Units from various time periods in WV, western VA, western MD and southwest PA


Trying to find out info on various units in the area and their links. Trying to find the time periods below. Please put the unit, location and website/POC info. It's for something possibly next September and asked to assist them. Thanks.

French and Indian War
American Revolution (American and British)
War of 1812 (American and British)
Mexican-American War 1848 (US and Mexican)
ACW (Yank and Reb)
Indian Wars (US and Native American)
Spanish-American War (US and Spanish)
WWI (US, German, BEF/CEF, French)
WWII (US, German, Soviet, British, Japanese, French, minor nations)
Korean War (US and maybe Chinese/North Korean)
Vietnam War (US and maybe NVA/VC)

We have plenty.. do you need the ACW infantry, cavalry, artilary, medical, signal corp., ambulance corp., company clerks, Sanitary Commission, Christian Commission, authentic civilians, historic crafts/trades, purveyors of goods, trains, canals, historic homes, historic farms... something special I haven't mentioned?

The same could be said for 18th Cent. There's plenty.

A bit more info might help me direct you to the right folks in the area. :)

check the events calendar section for American Soldier at War timeline for more info


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