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Warships of ww1

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Another hobby of me is collecting historical postcards and photos of warships of the imperial german navy (mainly Dreadnoughts and Battlecruisers)!
Anyone here interested in this things too? ;)


Neat photo. Look at the "beard" hanging off the bow.

This is the 40.000-tons-dock of the imperial navy dockyard in Kiel.
The ship is the first german battlecruiser, S.M.S. Von der Tann, launched 1909.

From this dock i have 6 or 8 pictures with different ships.

Like it! As I don't have Imperial Germany photos but only AEF. Thank God another person who is saving these items from the past as photos are usually the first things to go!

Light Cruisers/Kleine Kreuzer

Gazelle-class, 10 units became built between1899 and 1902 .

S.M.S. Niobe

S.M.S. Ariadne

S.M.S. Amazone

S.M.S. Nymphe

S.M.S. Undine

Bremen-class, 8 units became built between 1903 and 1907.

S.M.S. Berlin

S.M.S. L?beck

S.M.S. M?nchen

S.M.S. M?nchen

K?nigsberg-class 1 unit built 1905.

S.M.S. K?nigsberg

Kolberg-class, 4 units became built between 1908 and 1909.

S.M.S. Augsburg

Magdeburg-class, 4 units became built 1911.

S.M.S. Magdeburg


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