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Hello everyone... from another new member:)


I've been interested in the Civil War period for years... been to most of the battlefield sites on the east coast and a few reenactments (as a spectator).  Anyhow, I'm from the Westminster, Maryland area and would love to hear from anyone who knows of reenactment groups in this area.  My wife and I have been thinking of getting into it for a couple years... sounds like a lot of fun:)

hey , If you haven't already , check out the Civil War Section , there are unit sections there . There are a lot of dead links ( I'm work on that ) , but you might find a group that interests you .

good luck

Since you posted in the confederate area, I'm assuming you're interested in a confederate unit.  Check out  That's a parent organization for many different confederate units.  There is also an Army of Northern Virginia organization, but I don't know their web address.  Both sites will have listings of the units under their command.  Look for a group that is willing to help new recruits, some have uniforms and limited equipment for new recruits to use until they can afford their own or decide it's not for them.  This can be an expensive hobby, it helps if you can make alot of your own clothes.



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