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93rd Sutherland Highlanders Impression 1812-1857


Greetings. It's official. I am taking on the mantle of assisting to expand a very well established unit, the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders Living History Unit. The unit portrays multiple periods of this regiments history during the 19th century.

Go to Introduce yourself to the CO. ask questions. Get the unit information. Get yourself ready for the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Go for it !!!

I live in Maryland near Annapolis, Baltimore & DC. I will be concentrating on assisting those interested primarily in this area but will be able to assist anyone from outside of this area.

Cheers, Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders, 1812-1857 periods.

Greetings. Big news ! Check my pictures section, new impression items are recently completed and am hoping to get the impression out to a few events this year.

Cheers, Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders, 1812-1857


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