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Wanted NEW WW11 Aircrew Reenactors


We are looking for preferably new, age 18 to early 20's, reenactors depicting WW11 C-47 Skytrain (Dakota) Air Crew, Pilots, Ground Crew amd other support members. Other ages would be satisfactory. We have an actual live C-47 aircraft that we will be using for our Impressions. As a matter of fact we will soon be adding another C-47 aircraft. We will not be gathering once or twice a year but instead will gather almost every week. We are looking for people like you, who take their reenacting seriously and can "Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk." All reenactors must become members of our Socal EAA/Warbird Sqd 16 Inc.  As a former WW11 fighter pilot, I understand all of the reasons for "Living History" and Reenacting. We have all of the tools imcluding a Living Breathing C-47. Our group will be a fresh new one, why not Come Aboard and put some adventure in your life. We have many goals including attending some prominent airshows.
Your comments and suggetions appreciated. This is a great site that will help us grow.  "Keeping Em Flying"

Where are you located at?  AND as for ground crew WE ARE IT!  We are well experienced on the ground crews AND portray ground crews / instructors for the Collings foundation bomber fantasy camp.  PM or email me.


We are located at the Chino Airport (KCNO) and meet at the Planes of Fame Air Museum each Saturday. Our Warbird Sqd 16 members do volunter work there helping restore a C-47 to flight status.

Contact us by E mail is best or 714 964-4864


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