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I once saw a list of CW meds that had modern day ideas that could be used to look like said CW items. does anyone know where I can find this AND if they know of these items, could you proved them for me ?

That list can get extensive pretty quickly.

Some can use the actual items...

olive oil- used to clear ear wax
baking soda
mustard powder

Some are officially "Controlled Substances" and you'll need to find an inert substitute... or chuck out the appropriate fees and paperwork to the DEA for license to carry
Some are dangerous in the wrong (visitors' ) hands and you'll need to find a safe substitute
Some aren't produced any more and you'll need to research what they look like to reproduce them with modern ingredients.

I have two friends who have done extensive research (organized into a book several hundred pages long) on reproducing pharmacopia for re-enactments... but they don't share that research with just anyone for dirt free.

If there are one or two particular ones you are curious about, they might let me tell you a secret or two.

I'll be sure to let you know when their book is published.

Information should be free. Or at  least forthcoming.

yeah , i am not looking to have anything that is dangerus since iwork with and around kids. I am just looking to have items that look somewhat like the real thing , instead of just having empty bottles.

hence the list of items


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