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CSA Buckle for sale or trade


this CSA buckle was found with a metal detector in Athens Alabama in Lime Stone County on the Land Where a Old house burnt down under the fire place slate rocks i found this in a tin wrapped in a piece of cloth i know what its worth $1200.00 so what im asking is to Trade for a your civil war uniform i am wanting to get in civil war reenactments can you help me  it is solid brass and been seen by the Curatorial: Brett Kelley of The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA.

If it's worth that much money, why not just SELL it and BUY what you need/want? Or perhaps you're worried it isn't worth that or it's not real?? Obviously no one is biting at your trade offers. o/  This means it's time to work on a new approach if you need this impression.

I should ask... do you already HAVE a unit or are you buying without guidance? It is important to be in a unit, as they can guide you in finding good stuff at better prices and keep you from buy crap that no one will let you use... 0|

Just a few lines of advice... ;)

no i am not with a unit i want to be in one this is his wife Tina Brown doing this for him he is border line mintle retarted no one will let him in a unit at all......................


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