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New guy from Florida


Hello all, just joined up , my interests are in WW-2 military aviation unit emblem designs, colors,ID's and origins , I'm also an artist of leather Sqd/Group patches of the same era USAAF/USN/USMC , not "plugging" my work just saying what I like to do .
I have been researching unit patches of flying types for the past 25+ years and have found a lot of the "Unofficial" types , I enjoy helping anyone who may have a patch/es that they're not sure what it is if a flying unit and of US type, I do free ID help , so feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help if possible . Hoping to hear from emblem enthusiasts soon !
Have a Great day All !!!!!!!!!!! :)

Welcome Johnny, Best to you & Yours.

Cheers, Johnnie 93rd Highlanders 1812-1858.


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