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Vietnam, Sep 28-30, 2012, Enfield NC


Vietnam Reenactment in Northeastern North Carolina on September 28-30, 2012.

Announcing our newest event, Vietnam! Please join us for this new event. Our association has done many WWII events, but this is the first Vietnam event we have done.

All US units are invited. All NVA/VC units are invited as well.

The registration fee is $25 for reenactors ($20 if received by September 15), and free for vehicle owners. The event is located near Enfield, NC, just off I-95, a half hour south of the Virginia border. We will have a Night Battle from 8pm to 10:30pm on Friday night. Battle begins at 9:30am on Saturday morning.

For more information: or

We hope to see you there!

Franz Enders
Va.-Carolina Military History Association

Every one here are the revised, battle time frames:
Friday 8pm til 2am
Saturday 9am til 4:00 pm

flea market 5pm til 7pm Friday
4:30pm til 6pm Saturday

60's social time 7:30pm til Saturday night

we may have a couple of Vietnam veterans come by to visit also,

WALK-ONS Welcome!
please let us know you are coming so we can plan ahead.

Also, the following was posted as guidance for gear/uniform:

--- Quote ---The GI list is pretty easy - standard combat infantryman's load plus extra canteen is what we usually require. Helmet mandatory for GI. AR-15, M1 carbine, M2 .50cal, and M60 as approved weapons.

On the OPFOR side, we (Florida) usually go black/black or black/khaki or khaki/khaki depending on VC/VC Ranger/NVA, with black jungle boonie for ID purposes (pith helmets suck in brush), canteen w/strap, and weapons are pretty much anything WW2 plus AK-47. We sometimes add camo parachute material for extra effect, and at least one guy will have a PAVN rucksack for holding our boobie traps and propaganda cards.

Footwear on the OPFOR side is a slight safety issue. We (Florida) strongly discourage Ho Chi Minh sandles in favor of PAVN boots or Converse sneakers or WW2 GI roughouts/service boots since they're fairly plain (civvy boots work, too, so long as they aren't modern nylon or trail runner shoes).

The OPFOR side of the battle is a blast! Constantly in action, chance to be creative with the traps, and just all around good fun. Hopefully you guys can have some fun with it, too.

--- End quote ---


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