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Hello from Tank Museum, Bovington, UK


Just to give you a little bit of background about The Tank Museum, we are an independent Museum and registered charity based in Bovington.  As the Museum of the Royal Armoured Corps, we house the world?s most historically significant collection of tanks in the world and attract over 170,000 visitors per year.

We have a variety of events throughout the year where we welcome re-enctors from all wars, particularly our biggest event of the year - Tankfest which attracts over 10,000 visitors over the weekend.
In 2013 this takes place on Saturday 29th & 30th June - We are keen to attract a wide range of re-enactor groups from all wars and those in-between, to set up camp on our fields. We have particular interest in those covering twentieth century warfare, especially those who represent Soviet or NATO Cold War forces.

Please see link for more details :

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Tank Museum.

wow, looks great! You should post some photos!!! Wish I lived closer, I'd sure be spending time there. ;)


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